Safety is paramount and is not just talked about but addressed directly by all members assigned to a specific project. Our staff members incorporate health, safety and environmental awareness, concerns and procedures at the beginning of a project instead of waiting for a issue to arise as a problem.

– Offshore Project and related engineering service
– Design, Manufacture, Installation, Overhaul, Maintenance and add service

Company Policy

SA Offshore requires all employees to work safely and in due accordance with all legal, mandatory and generally accepted work practices and, in particular, to understand and comply with the standards and procedures of our client organizations in order to ensure a safe and harassment-free working environment at the facilities. We also take all reasonable precautions necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of all personnel in the workplace in accordance with, but not limited to, all statutory legislation relating to Health, Safety and Environment.

SA Offshore has an SHEQ Committee which oversees all matters. This Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and establishes procedures and guiding principles as it deems necessary to carry out the Company policy.

SA Offshore delivers safe, successful subsea and offshore project across a wide range of services: supply, anchor pre-tensioning, survey, diving, construction, installation and IRM (Inspect, Repair and Maintenance) disciplines. All personnel strive for continuous improvements in our operations, employing the optimal technical and organizational measures to control and manage risks.

Safety Performance

Safety is one of SAO’s strongest values. Our strategy truly reflects our ambition of excellence and our uncompromising standards when it comes to the protection of our people.

SAO has been implementing its “Safety Performance Statistics” program to attain the highest level of safety performance through HSE climate change, awareness raising and training. The program has been cascaded to every level of the organization.