Design & Fabrication

SA Offshore offers Commercial diving equipment, services, and Consultation. We served the offshore diving industries whether specific equipment needs on the project.

We have experienced technology to deliver the most optimized solution to meet clients’ needs. Our competencies in this area are coming from that we start by pinpointing clients’ objective and work with to find the precise mix of technology.

Design/Manufacturing/Testing Service
Our Diving division provides the following products and services:

  • Underwater surveillance system (CCTV, Camera, video system)
  • Gas control system (air)
  • Gas storage system
  • DDC (Deck decompression chamber)
  • Diving helmets and SRP (Scuba replacement package)
  • Hot water unit (upon required water depth and temperature)
  • LARS for diving and ROVs
  • Wet Bell Launch And Recovery System(LARS)
  • Man-riding hydraulic winch